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Our Global Visit
This Week Is Malta
Photography By Tony Vella

Zabbar Sanctuary

Built over three hundred years ago, the City (Citta Hompesch) of Zabbar’s Sanctuary houses the Statue of Our Lady of Graces. On the Feast Day of Our Lady (first Sunday after September 8th), the Statue is borne through certain streets of the City in a Procession which normally lasts for about 4 hours. The streets themselves are decorated with banners, lights and in some streets, Statues of Angels and other Religious figures are placed. The facade of the Sanctuary itself is decorated with fine drapes and thousands of coloured light-bulbs. As can be noticed, the Sanctuary has two clocks but only one shows the correct time.
Traditionally this is to confuse the Devil when ordered to collect lost souls on certain times thus giving more time to the sinner to repent before leaving this world.

Anthony (Tony) Vella City: Xghajra Country: Malta

I am a 61 year old married father of two girls.
I am also the Grandfather of one boy and two girls.

I hail from the tiny island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea
just 60 miles south of Sicily. Our main language is Maltese,
having English as our second language.
Italian is also widely spoken here too.

My occupation was that of Foreman with an
Electrical Engineering Company.
I am now retired.

I am definitely an outdoor man.
My main interests are Fishing, Trap shooting,
Photography, Oil Painting and listening to Classical Music .
My favourite Operas are Cavaleria Rusticana and La Boheme.
I also like the occasional holiday abroad (mainly in Europe)

You may view more of my Photography at

Kalkara Malta. A once thriving small fishing Village inside the
Grand Harbour and right on the outskirts of the Three Cities.
The small fishing and pleasure crafts which have long replaced the
British Navy ships which used to fill the small natural harbour, seem to be
watched over by the Village Parish Church dedicated to St. Joseph.
The Village itself has expanded rapidly since the departure of the
British Forces from the Island, as most of the land which was
occupied by the British Navy inside and around the
Grand Harbour, has been reallocated for civilian use.....

This shot was taken at Xghajra,
the small sea-side village where
I live in Malta.
After a whole week of stormy weather
the wind finally subdued calming
the sea in the process.....

This 16th Century Carmelite Monastery,
dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel,
was designed by Maltese Architect Francesco
Sammut and took 12 years to build.
The Carmelite Friars were a Sicilian order
who came to Malta in 1370.
The Church interior with its
7 Altars and Palladian pilasters,
under an oval and well-lit nave-cum-dome,
is unexpectedly rich,
despite the French Army’s looting of the Church
in 1798, to help in Napoleon’s war effort.
The ransacking of this Monastery’s treasures
by the French, sparked the uprising which overthrew the
French in 1800, after just two years of rule.....

These steps lead down to the beautiful
Valley of ‘Wied il-Ghasel’
The Valley of Honey, just on the outskirts of Mosta,
a town situated roughly in the middle
of the Island of Malta.
They have been hand-hewn into solid rock
hundreds of years ago,
(probably during Roman times, when the valley
was well known for the sweet honey
produced by wild honey bees)
to provide safe access to the valley as the
rocks become dangerously slippery when wet.....

Wied il-Lunzjata (Valley of the Annunciation).
One of the small but lush Valleys in Gozo,
Malta’s sister Island. Located on the outskirts of the
Old Village of Kercem (Kerchem) it lies just a kilometer
or so to the South-East of Victoria, the Capital.
The beauty of this valley is enhanced by the
early Spring sun when the only sound to be heard
is the song of the Blue Rock Trush and the gurgling sound
of the cascading water as it runs by the rocks to be collected
in a natural reservoir and seep and filter itself down to the water-table.
During Summer, this water is pumped up by means wind-pumps,
by the local farmers,to water their produce.

This Stone Bird Cage is in an Alley in the old part of the Town of Rabat,
a short walking distance from the Gates of the Silent City of Mdina.
The actual Bird Cage is inside the house, attached to the wall.
When night approaches or when the weather is not right,
the birds go inside through a hole in the wall to
shelter and sleep in their proper cage.....

The Church of Saint Lawrence in the
City of Vittoriosa,Malta.
The Feast of Saint Lawrence, the Patron Saint,
Is Celebrated the 10th of August.

A part of the International Fireworks Festival
held in Gozo on May 3rd, 2008

This ends our brief view of Malta through the eyes of
Photographer Anthony Vella .
Please visit Anthony's portfolio for more
Amazing captures and History of his home,
Beautiful Malta.


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